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Invitations to the wedding should be sent out at least two and preferably three months before the wedding ceremony.
Ask your printer, stationer, or a department store stationery section to show you various examples of engraving, printing and thermography, the new method of printing which resembles engraving.

Normally invitations go out in the name of the bride's parents who are hosting the reception.

The basic rule is that the host sends out the invitation. The relationship of the host or hostess or hosts to the bride should be made clear on the invitation - his daughter, her daughter, their daughter.  Keep a list of guests and tick off their names when you have received their acceptance. Give a full list of guests to the Hotel 14 days before the reception in order that table plans and place cards can be produces.

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An example...
Mr and Mrs A MacNeil

request the pleasure of the company of

(name written in by hand)

at the marriage of their daughter



Mr Charles Sutherland

at The Old Parish Church, Newton

on Friday April 16, at 2 p.m.

and afterwards at

The Leapark Hotel, Grangemouth


(Bride's parents' address here)

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