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Choose from the list below to find a bagpiper in your area
Steve Pace
618-673-2521 All IL. S.E. MO
Adrian Melvin 630-734-0119 Chicagoland
Donald Legge 309-347-8181 Central Illinois
Paul Hinson (217) 346-2687 Decatur,IL to
Terre Haute, IN
Matthew McKee 708-229-1253 Chicago
Mike Dietz 312-240-4956 Chicago Metro Area
Suzanne Cox (847) 669-4857 Northwest Suburbs of Chicago
Andrew McNabb (217) 356-5620 Champaign-Urbana
Trudianne Melvin (630) 734-0119 Chicago to McHenry County
Larry Naylor 618-377-9298 Metro East
Joseph O'Neill 319-386-7860 Central Illinois and Chicago
Joseph Coakley 773-342-4798 Chicago and Surrounding Areas
Jason Freeman 815-485-8567 Chicago, Midwest
Joshua J. Robieson (708) 594-0205 Chicago & Suburbs
Timothy Sheehan (847) 404-8813 Chicago and Surrounding Areas
Brian Donovan 773-274-2652 Metropolitan Chicago
Greg Nevitt 217-788-8486 Central Illinois
Mark Ellis 618-548-5517 Southern illinois
Cristofer Byers (309) 482-6206 Central Illinois
Joseph Brady 630-852-5000 ext 5322 Chicago Metro
P. Spencer Palmer 312-749-3940 Illinois
Kirk Witherspoon (309) 762-2922 Northwestern Illinois
& Eastern Iowa
Mary Tallman 847-705-6279 Chicago and Suburbs
Virgil Wilk 773-237-8525 Chicago and Suburbs
Diane Nally (815) 436-0941 Chicago/Naperville
and Surrounding Areas
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