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The Casual PackageThe Casual PackageThe Casual Package

The Casual Kilt is a great way to have a kilt without having to pay alot of money.

Our Kilts are crafted by only the finest quality weavers and kiltmakers in Scotland.

The casual kilt is hand pleated and machine stitched in 100% pure new worsted wool.
The kilt is made in the traditional way except only 4 yards of cloth are used.

Please allow 12-16  weeks for delivery

Any measurements over 46" will incure a surcharge
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Please use the diagram below as a guide and type your measurements
in the spaces provided.  Your measurements once supplied are taken as correct
and will be adhered to when making your kilt. We cannot accept responsibility
for garments not fitting due to incorrect measurements. We strongly recommend
that you have your measurements taken by someone else, and double-checked.
Self measurement is almost always wrong!
A. Waist: Kilt Measurement Diagram
B. Hips:
C. Length:
D. Height:

Your Waist or Hip Measurements Were (please choose only one of the choices below):

Choose Your Tartan:

Would you like matching Tartan Flashes? (please choose only one of the choices below):

I authorize this order with the knowledge that it is a custom order and cannot be cancelled once placed. I am aware that the average delivery time from the actual mill is 12-16 weeks.  I am also aware of any above mentioned surcharges that could be incurred due to measurements exceeding 46 inches.

By placing my initials in the space provided below I authorize this order to be processed.

Initials here:

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We gladly accept:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover
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