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Jacobite Shirt with Leather Drawstring
Highlander Shirt
Jacobite Kilt Shirt
Cotton/poly blend shirt with
leather drawcord.Available in
a range of colors, these fine
handcrafted Jacobite shirts make
 the perfect addition
to not only
 the kilt but
daytime wear as well.
 $49.00 Small-XL
$50.00 XXL
$51.00 XXXL
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Highland Tradition Kilt Shirt
Made from 100% cotton Muslin cloth.
 Generously cut and hand-
shrunk the old
 fashioned way.  They can be washed
 on a gentle
cycle.   These can be worn by
 both men and women, they have
 criss-cross style lace
neck. Available in
Off-white only.

$49.00 Small-XL
$50.00 XXL
$51.00 XXXL

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